About wpwp project


Well Played


First section of well played web play is Canvas which is played at html canvas element.

Canvas 01

Hello, Canvas!

Hello! My fisrt canvas!
This project is just for being familiar to canvas project.

Canvas 02


When it's shinny day, it makes me feel wanna ride a bike along the hangang's riverside.🚲
With the music 'Ride' by Sole, 'Hangang' by The Quiett

Canvas 03


Different place, same sky.

Canvas 04

3D Particles

Sometimes, just moving particles make me feel in 3D space.

Canvas 05


This is ActaV with particles!

Canvas 06


When it's too silent, ripple sound makes me feel alive.

Canvas 07


Lots of QUESTIONS will make lots of ANSWERS


Well Played


Second section of well played web play is upgrade versions of Canvas section with special Events with mouse.

Event 01

Hello, Event!

Let's get used to the various events like CLICK or MOUSE MOVE in canvas!

Event 02

Mimetic words of event🖱

Do you know how to say mouse events in mimetic words?
(Click or move the mouse)

Event 03


Make me bright. Make my shadow.
(Drag the box)

Event 04

3D particles(Upgrade)

You must have seen '3D particles' in Section1!
And here is the upgrade version of that.(DRAG)

Event 05

ActaV with Event

This is ActaV with particles and events!(Mouse move)

Event 06

Skimming Stone🪨

Your mouse is stone now. Throw your stone!😃(Mouse move)

Event 07


Frequently asked questions will clear your overloaded head.
(Click or Drag the circle)


Well Played


Third section of well played web play is special projects!
Which both were completed when I'm having my own leisure time in army!

Project 01


My first 3D project! This project make me feel like being artist!
Recommend to watch in PC

Project 02

Life, Marathon!

I wanted to implement fancy scroll animation web site with an advertisement that I really impressed.

And this is it.